Jess and Sue Chase Down Food (Trucks!)
For Goodness Cake!

Much like our other half-baked plans,  this blog has languished in neglect for the past year or so. However, our love for mobile cuisine has replenished our efforts to breath life into this floundering blog. To preface the post, I would like to point out that Sue took these pictures, so please adjust your expectations of photographic artistry accordingly.

We decided to stay close to home for our first foray into the world of mobile eateries, and we knew just the food truck to start off with. Cupkates has been an elusive treat for UC Berkeley students, offering delightful cupcakes that are made all the sweeter when students managed to catch up with this fabled truck. However, it has also provided its share of heartaches. We’ve all felt our heart leap upon catching site of the skittish truck, only to realize as we run towards it, that it is only stopped at a stoplight. The feeling of your heart sinking as you watch it drive towards its far away destination is indescribable. 

We managed to corner the cagey cuisine on one of Berkeley’s 5 sunny days after avidly following it on twitter. Now Cupkate’s cupcakes aren’t the frilly, overpriced confections that cupcakes have become notorious for. Cupkates brings cupcakes back to their utilitarian roots. Bite sized treats that are rich in calories and buttery deliciousness. The frosting isn’t overly sugary and hardened to create an aesthetically pleasing visual set on a cardboard-like cake base. Instead, it is a simple desert with a moist, buttery cake base that isn’t burned or dry. The frosting is an uncomplicated swirl of sugar as tall as the cake itself. 


The cupcakes available for consumption fit the usual profile. Traditional flavors, such as vanilla bean and red velvet sit next to more adventurous options, such as banana cream and s’mores. After making our selections we took a terrible picture in front of the truck and settled down to eat our ugly cupcakes on a street curb. And it was delicious.

Fast food?

Our’s certainly is. Instead of chasing down any sort of culturally enriching experience, we’ve decided that our last summer would be best spent chasing down our food. Literally. Since there are no bison to be hunted, we’ll go for the next best thing, food tucks. These delightfully mobile cuisines can’t roll away fast enough to escape our appitites, and we intend to catch the thrill of the chase in this blog. That means a chronicle of our harrowing misadventures and delicious victories as we redefine what it means to eat and run, or rather run and eat? Sound exciting? We hope it is, or this summer is going to be very boring.

Let the hunt begin!